Give street dogs the urgent healthcare
they need

Support VOSD in making India’s largest and free hospital for canines

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a complete medical check-up for a dog

one meal per day for a month for one dog

funds for sanctuary and hospital’s essential equipment and infrastructure

Support VOSD in making India’s largest and free hospital for stray dogs

What started off as a lone rescue mission by Rakesh Shukla, a Bangalore IT professional to care for two stray dogs left injured on the streets can now make India’s largest and free hospital for stray dogs, with your support.

Stray dogs from all over the country who have faced abuse, injuries and have any other medical condition will be admitted to this hospital run by Voice of Street Dogs (VOSD) to avail state-of the-art medical facilities absolutely free of cost.

Each dog will have the best, most sophisticated and most expensive, medical care in India.

So far, VOSD has rescued 8,000+ dogs, given 250,000+ state-of-the-art free treatments, and continues to provide hundreds of treatments every day across India.

But, it is not easy to do what they do everyday. Your support can provide them with the funds they need to take care of these dogs who need urgent treatment and deserve a long and fulfilling lives just like any human being would. Donate now to ensure that they can continue to do the good work.

Dear Donors,

Surrounded with friends, family and people who love and nurture us, we live with dignity and respect. Come old age, critical illness or life-threatening diseases- our loved ones make sure that we receive the best treatment and care we need to live a long-lasting life.

But how many times have we wondered about dogs and how their lives are once they are old or severely injured? They are usually abandoned on the streets or put to sleep.

My journey as a dog parent started the day I brought home my first dog, Kavya .I felt like I had become a father and wanted to take my responsibility seriously.

I went on to rescue 2 dogs, Lucky and Bella, after they had met with a dreadful bike accident. What started with 2 dogs is today, VOSD, one of the world’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary and with your help we will make India’s largest and free hospital for stray dogs. I started VOSD with a dream to ensure that every stray dog in need of medical care and protection should get it.

The VOSD Hospital will be India’s only super speciality hospital for dogs, managed by a trust. Treatments will be free for rescued & stray dogs. Providing hundreds of stray dogs with the state-of-the-art medical facilities is our motto but it is not easy to continue doing so everyday without your support.

Your contribution can ensure happy and healthy long-lasting lives for stray dogs and abandoned pet dogs in India. Do your bit and keep my dream alive. Together, we can build a world we are proud to call home.

Rakesh Shukla